rŭhania Jewellery Care

  • Each piece of rŭhania jewellery is unique as it is handcrafted with natural materials of superior quality. Proper care, when using and handling it, will ensure that it retains its original splendour for many years to come. Always roll the bracelet on or off your wrist; avoid pulling or tugging on it. Protect your jewellery from knocks and scratches by storing each piece individually in its original Ruhania case or a pochette after use.
  • We recommend that you do not expose your rŭhania bracelet directly to the following elements: water, especially chlorinated water and seawater; perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, oils and creams; detergents, cleaning agents and chemicals; and extreme temperatures, humidity and harsh constant sunlight. These elements can damage the beads and/or weaken the elastic cord that holds the bracelet together. To maintain the beauty of your rŭhania jewellery, we recommend that you use mineral oil with a soft, white cloth to clean the beads.

    For restringing and professional cleaning, write to us at sales@ruhania.com.