affordable, handcrafted luxury jewellery

  • rŭhania presents a line of beautiful contemporary jewellery and accessories that have been crafted with the intent of channelling the power of positivity to flow abundantly into everyday life.

    rŭhania is a curated collection of rare gems, ancient crystals and precious metals that have been used as sacred prayer beads through time immemorial. It is said that they enhance the meditative experience of silent prayer, brings great clarity of thought and strengthens the natural healing of the physical body. Used by the ancients, history is full of wonderful examples of how the natural energies of our planet and its treasures have been harnessed with love and respect, to empower our human lives.

  • rŭhania features over 100 exquisite styles of jewellery, responsibly sourced and crafted from precious stones, beads and metals and ornaments in styles that are as contemporary as they are reflective of a deeper old-world consciousness. Beautiful fragments of the natural world that hold the wisdom of the ages and the patience of time, polished and crafted to perfection to wear, to own and to bestow.

    Note from the Founder